G&C General Contractors Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1980 with a paid up capital of $10million, wholly owned by GTK Holding Pte Ltd. GC Piling Pte Ltd and GC Machinery Pte Ltd are our two main subsidiaries.


Our major activities are in civil engineering, structural works and piling works. Over the years, we have leveraged on the expertise gained from our civil engineering projects, expanded our range of service and business which include shipyards, oil & gas complexes, power plants, office buildings, factories, reservoirs, road, water supply, sewage and park facilities, wharf, building and renovation works.

  • Wharf Construction
  • Jetty Works
  • Building Works
  • Petrol Chemical Infrastructure Works
  • Sheet Piling & Strutting
  • Bored Piling
  • RC Piling
  • Spun Piling

GC Group’s subsidiary companies included:

  • GTK Holding Pte Ltd
  • GTK Properties Pte Ltd
  • GTK Investment (S) Pte Ltd
  • G & C General Contractors Pte Ltd
  • G C Piling Pte Ltd
  • G C Machinery Pte Ltd
  • GTK Construction Sdn Bhd
  • Goh Tee Kia Sdn Bhd
  • GTK Properties Sdn Bhd
  • GTK F&B Pte Ltd

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