Group Senior Management

The company is managed by a team of dedicated and experienced professional management staff.

Mr Goh Tee Kia

Our Founder and Company Chairman
Mr Goh Tee Kia, with more than 40 years of experience, has successfully charted the company’s expansion in Singapore and overseas. He is actively overseeing the strategic development of the group.

Ms Jace Goh

Group CEO
With many years of corporate MNC senior management experiences, Ms Jace Goh is spearheading the group, and diversifying the business into a multi-disciplinary environment.

Mr Ng Teck Hui

Managing Director of Malaysia Operations
Mr Ng Teck Hui has more than 30 years of experiences in this industry, particularly in infrastructure and marine works.

Mr Ken Tan

Managing Director of Singapore Operations
Mr Ken Tan has more than 30 years of experiences, especially in building work and infrastructure work.

Mr Patrick Chng

Managing Director of GC Piling
Mr Patrick Chng has many years of experiences in piling and ERSS related work.

Mr Steven Toh

General Manager (Projects)
Mr Steven Toh has extensive years of experience working in oil and gas-related industry projects.

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